Back to the Future

February 10, 2014

It’s been almost 3 years since my last post. I think I’ve procrastinated enough getting back on the writing spirit. We are so busy these days, that sitting down and think has become a luxury on its own.

Why the title “Back to the Future” well; it’s simply because I just finished this weekend a movie marathon with my 15-year-old daughter that had never seen the trilogy. It’s amazing that when I saw that movie back in 1985, I thought that everything in 2015 shown was actually possible. Here we are just 11 months away from 2015 and we are nowhere near to anything shown on the film. No flying cars, no hover boards, no self drying jackets, no dehydrated food processors, basically nothing. Why? Did we lose the spark to invent these things? Where did we stray off the path? We have become a very complacent society; just waiting for a few to invent and lead the way, maybe it’s a good thing to not be there yet because I wouldn’t even want to imagine how frantic our lives would be if all these inventions would have been in place by now. So now realistically I’m thinking that the year 2045 is when we might start seeing some of these wildly entertaining inventions, unfortunately I will be 76 by then, but my daughter will remember with laughter and say: “Hey I saw the future back with my Dad thirty years ago”.



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