Poke the Box

April 8, 2011

I just finished reading the book Poke the Box from Seth Godin; first let me tell you that it’s an easy book to read, no jargon, or acronyms; plain English. I read it in just one weekend.

In a nutshell Seth wants us to Act! And the sooner the better! We wait too much expecting others to make tough decisions for us, to start innovating for us, to kick-start changes for us. We are under constant “Analysis Paralysis”. We are the royal subjects of King procrastination.

The phrase “Stop thinking about doing and start doing” is so simple, but yet so powerful. This blog is testament of how this book had a profound effect on me. I had been “thinking” about writing a blog for a very long time and always found a reason not to.

Maybe Seth will never read my blog, but I wanted to thank him anyway.

Great book, check it out!



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