Reach Out and Touch Someone

April 6, 2011

I remember back when this slogan from AT&T came out in 1979, it made no sense to me at the time since I didn’t need to call anyone when I was 11. Now leap 32 years forward and I see how we are über connected; we text, we tweet, we update our Facebook/MySpace/Blackberry/iPhone status several times a day like cult fanatics, then we get home log in our laptops or desktops and send emails, which then we read the replies on our smart phones and start the cycle all over again.

Wow! Now everyone knows everything we do, everything we eat, everyone we meet, everyplace we go; or is this all an illusion? Do we really connect with 300+ friends in Facebook? or with 500+ in LinkedIn?, or with 1000+ Twitter followers? Really?

I realized that the more I was connected; I was farther apart from my real friends and family. So I started to use my phone again for what is was designed to do more than 100+ years ago; to speak to another person. It was so refreshing listening to real people again, listening to their voice, that their tone of voice told me what was their mood, and the most rewarding of all, listening these same people we track like zombies on the social network say to me:  “Thank you for taking the time and call me” I reached out and touched someone, and had 5 wonderful minutes of real interaction with a person; not a bunch of text characters with a profile picture.

Since I started this post with one powerful slogan, I will close with another: “Just Do It”



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